Marine Engines


47 Foot
Owen Woolley launch
Twin TS3 powered (3DB-215 model)

Fully reconditioned TS3 engines (3DB-215) for 47 foot Owen Woolley above.
Very rare cast alloy water jacketed exhaust manifolds.
Fully restored early AC oil bath air cleaners.


Bridgedecker launch
Single TS3 powered (3DD-215 model)

Lowering fully reconditioned TS3 engine into engine bay

Fully reconditioned TS3 engine (CAT yellow!)

1937 (launched 1946)
42 Foot 
Barr-Browns Bridgedecker launch
Twin TS3 powered (3D-199 model)

Mar Del Plata fishing boats

These are 1954/55 model TS3 marine engines, still operating after 60 years in original condition. They are the oldest TS3 engines operating commercially or otherwise anywhere in the world.


Mar Del Plata fishing boats
Early TS3 powered


Fairmile hull
Former Australian Navy patrol boat
50 Foot 
Twin TS3 powered (3DB215)

Marine Maintenance Checklist